Mysterious designer netbook from HP

At the New York show apparel company Hewlett Packard unveiled its new netbook, created in collaboration with designer Vivienne Tam (Vivienne Tam). While official data on the new product is not present, it clearly in appearance resembles a Mini-note 2133 with slight structural differences.

The most important external difference between the new stylish netbook Mini-note 2133 - is its display diagonal is 10 inches, compared with 8, 9-inch original. As can be seen from the photos, the LCD screen is framed by a thin dark stripe border, and just below it are located dynamics. It is also noticeable that the buttons are similar to the left and right mouse buttons are located on the sides of the touchpad.

Almost all of the elements of the netbook, with rare exceptions, are designed in a bright red color, and the lid is decorated with ornaments in the form of a purple flower and logo of the manufacturer. Weight and dimensions of new items at first glance also do not differ from similar characteristics Mini-note 2133.

The date of the official release, as well as the price and technical characteristics of interesting new products, Hewlett Packard Company still silent. On what kind of market segment will focus new netbook from HP is also unclear, but it may be assumed that he would have to compete with the stylish and expensive ASUS N10.


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