Vernal hard drive for MasBook

Apple users Bring everything beautiful, spoiled Jobs of the Damned Yabloko. That has to electronics manufacturing companies strive for corporate style guys from Cupertino. Look, at least, this new portable hard drive from Iomega. Do not like? That's right, if not the clip, standing next to determine the size of the device, one would have thought that someone decided to make another "network notebook" completely ripped off the design MacBook Air.

But no, everything, fortunately, easier, and fear that Apple sued a company, it is not necessary. 2, 5-inch 250-gigabyte hard drive eGo Helium is enclosed in a casing made of anodized aluminum thickness of 16 mm and its weight is 200 grams. He is already formatted for "apple" HFS + file systems and, as claimed by Iomega, the drive can be dropped from a height of 1, 3 meters and with him, even likely, everything will be okay. Interestingly, when you bring the fallen and thus destroy the device, then as specialists will find out with what height it has gone in flight? But let us leave the resolution of this problem at their discretion, but for themselves note in a notebook that will eGo Helium in a month and will cost $ 150.


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