Hey kids

Hello, Grandfather Frost!
I'll break your nose!
At me with your gifts
The fifth day is diarrhea ...
I am not foolish smile
And not out of habit.
Just Dad very tight
Tightened braids.

* * *
At school I am now go
And I am sitting at their desks.
That's all I can do.
Because I brake.

* * *
And my dad
Hands on! And at his feet!
It works athlete
At the same bandit.

* * *
One, two, three, four, five
None can stand!
I myself have learned so
The birds throwing stones!

* * *
Bunny, bunny, gallop-poskoku!
H-IIA you spent grain in the side!
Not with cabbage as we
Eat on New Year's cake ...

* * *
If I had a dad
If mom would have been
I would then in fourth grade
From homeless gave birth

* * *

I have become a great.
Roast meat, I cut the fat.
Mom, Mom, look,
What my grandmother inside!

* * *

If there is a God in the world,
It has long been deaf.
We have in the garden today
On the second was peas.

* * *

I watered them with water,
On a warm night sheltering.
Hurry you grow,
My little Titi!


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