Socotra - an archipelago of four islands in the Indian Ocean

Socotra - an archipelago of four islands in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Somalia and Yemen belong to the state. The island enjoys a surprisingly small popular tourist destination, and a very good reason. Just look at the amazing views!

Stewardess local airlines. From Sanaa to Socotra, we flew in a small plane the Canadian firm Bombardier. Quite comfortable. The plane made two stopovers (people come out - went - in the bus). Food - a piece of cake and juice. Incidentally, in the summer because of the strong winds, large planes do not fly to Socotra - wind so strong that simply blows ...

It is in the cockpit. By the way on the return flight to Socotra, I asked for the cockpit and videotaped off! Impression fucking!

During stopovers, you can leave "a breath of fresh air»))))

Dragon Tree. Just this instance - the oldest and largest on the island. This tree can be seen even in the Yemeni coins.

The entire island of Socotra - it is some kind of Martian landscape ... Wherever you look - everywhere amazing beauty. You can just sit on the ground, look around, and "restart" their brains ..))

The only decent hotel in the island belongs to the nephew of the former president. Water is warm and cold. The pressure in the shower is very weak. But there is air conditioning and ceiling fan. The cost of an overnight stay - $ 60. But at the entrance here is a colorful guard with "Kalashnikov»))

Our drivers. Calm and taciturn Ghanem (left) and joker Ahmed. Good guys. I ask how then Ghanem how old he is? Answers - about 30-32 ... it turns Socotrans do not know exactly how old they are and do not celebrate birthdays ...

Bottle tree

The boys on the road selling crafts. The Baggies blood dragon tree (dried)

Local beauties

These Egyptian vultures accompanied us throughout the journey. Just stop, sit down meal - it was right there

Another way of using the headscarf. They say that it is convenient - back and legs relaxed. It is a driver of one of our machines Ahmed, incidentally, is also a big fan of the cat to chew)))

Girl selling blood dragon tree

Guys from the nearest village. Of particular delight in them is just viewing the captured images. They even sang a song to the beat and clapping pristukivaya stones ... I filmed their performance on video.

Our translator Wael said something to the boys and they rushed to their heels like scalded. It turns out, he said that "Russian has no children, and one of you wants to take with him")))))))))). As they fled !!!!!!!!!)))))))

It Katov market on Socotra. In each room are selling cat. It weighed on the scales and packed in the usual cellophane bags. Socotra cat is not growing, it is brought by plane from Sanaa

The island still remained our T-34. The truth is already completely rusty ... Yemenis still remembered as the Soviet Union helps to Yemen and therefore very friendly to the Russians

More tanks

This view of the street (she's one) of the capital of Socotra. We traveled in a Land Cruiser. Osnovnogm machines imported from the Emirates. Import - duty-free, or rather is ten (10 !!!) dollars. All cars without license plates. I ask "why" answer "Why? Here and so everyone knows each other. "

Since we lived in the hotel the whole team - shooting a film about the world vodvodny Socotra. We flew from Dubai - a plane. Even with their porters from Sri Lanka. The equipment they have - just space! Well, it's dry their belongings ...

Then an hour or so on the boat we went to the bay Shuab. Excellent location - quiet and pristine

Overnight - camping. tent - sleeping bag and foam. With a sure headlamp flashlight

Fishermen brought us live lobster for dinner. One lobster costs about $ 10. Very funny money

Sunset in the bay. Exactly the way on such boats chase Somali pirates

Our cook. Excellent cook! Menu for travel consisted of lobster, fish, goat meat. Needless to say, all this is the freshest and delicious. Served with cooked rice, mixed vegetables, beans. At breakfast - oatmeal. Tea, coffee, water, juices, Pepsi (all with vozilos)

It is the driver of our car chef Ali. Aunt of the UAE gave him TOYOTA HILUX, where he began to earn a living, while leaving out of school ... He said that next year will be back to school "and strongly criticized Aunt")). Just the way he slept on a mat, wrapped in a sheet. In the morning, told on it ran crabs and pinched his claws))

My grandfather, who lives in the Bay Shuab. He built himself a stone hut and looks after the beach. His sons live in a nearby village. By the way, a visit to the bay they take a small fee from tourists

We returned from the bay in a day. On the way back we met a flock of dolphins - 100 units (according to our attendants) were videotaped, so there is no photo. We go further.

Judging by how awkward camel moved, he was born recently

Places fascinating ...

Again, the local boys. They slide down the sand dunes on the ruins of plastic canisters. On her head wearing a poly bags, did not get to the sand and the rush from a great height! Also filmed on video, photo no

One of the entertainment local boys - to drive an old rim of the wheel

We stopped on the way to the village, have lunch, rest. We meet)) The kids running around barefoot is not paying attention to the rocks and thorns

For lunch, we have prepared a kid. Eat only goats (and only up to a year), the females do not touch

Hostess. She has 9 children, and figure - chiseled !!! On the right you can see how to prepare the meat in a large pan (or whatever it's called)

We go further. They wanted to drive closer to the ocean, but stuck in the fine sand. The sand is like flour, so the wheels have nothing to cling to. Jeep got stuck in the sand. Well, that helped pushed local ...

It does not get bogged down in the sand)))

Camel yelling and spitting some manure)))

Everywhere strewn bones of marine animals and fish. Maybe the whale shark and maybe - I do not know ...

All the way heat ... just swam in the ocean ... Then our driver said that there are close to an oasis in which there is a fresh water lake. Let's go there. It is necessary to wash, soak in water))) always found myself thinking that if it were not for Toyota, we would not have passed it! Kruzak - it is certainly super-duper machine for such roads.

And here is the lake ... It is not clear where in the mountains there is fresh water, when the island itself is in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Freshwater lake in the mountains ... amazing ... and very nice ...


Around the pond grow date palms. Fruits falling into the water and the crabs feed on them ...

The children with the kid

Not so long ago on the island discovered the cave. Such a moment can not miss! We take the Explorer, we climb to the cave

To see this kind, you need to try very hard ... in the heat up the hill to a cave ... The rise of the average person takes about 1, 5 hours. Do not forget to bring a minimum of 1 liter of water ... Yes ... the air temperature during the ascent - about 35 degrees Celsius ... It's the view from the cave entrance to the ocean ... It will be exciting

Another view of the entrance to the cave. On the right is seen, as I myself called "Noah's Ark". Pravdv like? Next will be the frame closer

Here it is close)))

Come on in ... will continue to be a few photos without any comments - just look ... I myself saw this for the first time in my life

This is our guide to the cave. We have reached the end of the route "to water" - then do not drive. To the question "How long cave?" He replied, "Endless". He says: & quot; I went on the water for another 20 minutes - there is no end, elders from the village walked another 30 minutes - there is no end & quot ;. That means "infinite". The iron logic))

This pranishka up to Pesher like walking along the asphalt provnomu. He did not even sweat))) Why not say to myself ... Even though I do not smoke, but the ascent was given is not very easy ... but it was worth it

Here's what I found more surprising at the entrance to the cave. Look, this is obviously something petrified. It seems that it is a tree trunk (in section). Although I first thought - the spine of a dinosaur)))))

Throughout the crabs ...

This still quite small))

An interesting phenomenon on the island ... On the rocks Dyuni of pure white sand ... In the summer months it here inflates wind from the ocean ...

That is the journey turned out)))



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