The hard work of the children in Myanmar (11 photos)

The man, who visited Myanmar, decided to tell us about the difficult childhood, the people of this Republic.

Every third child aged 7 to 16 years old working in Myanmar. Moreover, he usually performs the most difficult job. Until recently, child labor is actively used military, thousands of children working as porters in the army, while the soldiers were beaten and raped. During wars military used children as human shields, there were cases when they are released in the minefields for "demining". In the army, the children not only work, but also to serve. The machine gives 12 years. In 2001, a group of child soldiers 13-15 executed 15 women. In Myanmar, about 70,000 soldiers to 18 years. In recent years, under pressure from the international community bloody regime softened a bit, and now the children mostly working in construction. Today Myanmar takes pride of first place in the list of countries using child labor. In second place is North Korea, then Somalia.

A woman with a brick on his head is no surprise at all.

I have visited a number of buildings and all children work.

Almost everything here is done by hand. Techniques very small, can not be said about the people.

They work mostly girls. Hard work give girls from 6 years. She is 8 years old and she drags cement. I tried to raise the bowl, weighs 20 kilograms, or even more.

Where to watch the human rights activists? And, forget the bloody regime of pravozaschitnichkov expelled from the country.

Pope ship rubble of his daughter. In the background, this kid is playing with rubble. Work on construction sites with their entire families.

And now the most interesting. Money for the work received only by adults. Kids do not pay, they can feed a maximum. So adults sit and smoke while kids are injected. If there are no children, are women.

In his spare time, kids catch lice from their parents. Of course, neither of which schools can be no question. 40% of children in Myanmar are not getting education.

If you're lucky, the parents could sell their children into slavery in neighboring countries, where they will pay even a little. A particular success is considered to go to tea plantations. They work very hard and do not have the ability to survive. The owner takes his construction workers on the phone and having fun. He's children to work is not hired, their parents lead. "I paid the money for the work of the 4th men, they brought their families. I do not care who it works for them, it's their family matter, I do not climb someone else's life. »

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