Agree, Agree, and no longer fight me!

At the time of strife we ​​cover a variety of feelings: shame, pride, self-esteem, despair, panic, jealousy, and many others. They are all mixed in incomprehensible a lot of emotions that spills on our interlocutor. In the end, we want to make peace, but do not know how. Favorite, girlfriend, parents - how they build relationships?


In a quarrel with his parents is quite possible to stick to the most simple, classical version of reconciliation. In recognition of a fault the first step should be done for you. Trite, but at the same time just like all brilliant. Apology, kind words, a promise never more to do and a declaration of love and sympathy. Especially they will be pleased to hear from you as their edifying words. They will be touched that you remember their instructions. Because parents want to know that we are aware of their mistake and sincerely do not wish them evil. They want to be sure that in the future we will not allow such a mistake, do not offend the other person, because all the evil done to someone, it returns back to us in a larger size. If you want to be original, it is possible to teach Mom and Dad something as a gift. And in this situation, more than ever, the value of a gift is absolutely unimportant.

Someone I love

The quarrel between two loving people, between men and women, especially. Each wire in the reasoning and thinking about the quarrel a lot of time. Often because of a quarrel difficult to concentrate at work or school, in the head constantly climb some phrases, words, gestures.

Who forgives, he stops a fight. African proverb

The first variant. Send your loved one a good picture in the mail with beautiful words. If you're a guy, then went to his girlfriend a bouquet of flowers, soft toys, sweets - any news that will remind her that you think about it, and do not miss less worried because there was a scandal. Step towards reconciliation - a decision that is difficult to accept, but it is always evaluated the second party to the conflict.

The second option - an appeal to his or her favorite radio, forum, chat, in the television show. Message from the category of "the whole world" is always incredibly nice. Please make sure that your spouse will listen to or view the message, and for hedging burn it to a recorder, photograph or remove the camera, for example, if it's running line in the music transfer.

Third Embodiment. It will have to do needlework. Socks or scarves knit optional. Enough to write a handwritten letter or make a card. Such a thing has a certain energy, which will give the recipient and affect deeply.

The fourth option. Invite your soulmate in the most romantic place, for example, where you have decided to start a relationship where there was a first kiss or the first time you held hands. The atmosphere is full of memories, both of you will set in the desired fashion. This means that the probability of resolving the conflict will grow steadily. As a sign of reconciliation can take advantage of the romantic youth fun - loving couples attached to the bridge structure granary locks as a sign of strong and long love.

Psychologists advise to come up with a keyword in a period of peace in your relationship. So, when a quarrel breaks out and one of the members of his utter, it would mean that he does not want to continue the conflict. You need to stop screaming and cursing for a few minutes and only then calmly continue to communicate.


Friend - it's not Mom or Dad, who so love to teach you life. And from a loved one quarrel with him is characterized by particularly protracted, reluctance to rush into reconciliation, and this is completely wrong. Friends come to us in life, and with age, we find them less and less. Others do not need romance, solemn atmosphere, or a manifestation of nobility. He needs to know that you respect him and appreciate. Therefore, the correct choice of words will help achieve the desired effect.

Whatever the remarkable reconciliation, the main thing - to prove his words deeds. If you are promised a loved one is not reproach him more than ever, watch his speech. Mom said that will no longer disappear without a trace from the house, so learn how to inform her about his nocturnal adventures. We agreed to meet with a friend - do not let him down more. It's simple: the main thing - always remember that a loved one is much easier to injure than a stranger, knowing his vulnerabilities. Therefore, he should be treated especially cherished and carefully.



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