1. I am sure of one thing: I can not sing. Although usually tell everybody what my rich voice.

2. If I tell you that I am a good guy, you think I'm bragging. If I tell you that I'm not worth anything, you'll know I'm lying.

3. Eastern people say: "Be flexible. During the life of a man is soft and flexible, death makes it tough. This also applies to the body and to the mind and to the soul ».

4. You can not win a fight with one punch. Either learn to tolerate insults or Hire a bodyguard. Forget about winning and losing, forget about pride and pain. If you scratched the enemy - blow it off. If the opponent hits you - broke his arm. If the enemy breaks your hand - take away his life. Do not think about how to get out of the battle intact. Be prepared to sacrifice everything. Even life.

5. Move like water. Freezes as the mirror. Answer me, like an echo.
Money has no meaning as such. It is only a tool to achieve certain goals, and need to understand what they can, and most importantly - what can not. My father told me: "This year you have earned ten dollars. The following can make five. Be ready ».

6. If you do not want to stumble tomorrow, tell the truth today.
Western education is suitable for one east - for another. You can say: "This finger is better to do some things that - the other." But the hand is in any case better.

7. Wise gets more knowledge of stupid questions than silly - of a wise response.

8. American - oak, he stands firmly on the ground, does not bend in the wind, as if the wind will blow stronger - breaks. Oriental man - like bamboo, it bends in the wind, but then straightens and becomes even stronger than before.

9. I graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle. I do not believe it, I studied philosophy there.

10. Gather all the great teachers in the same room, and they agree on all things in the world. Collect them students - and they will argue about everything.

11. There is a Chinese tale. He lived a butcher, and he had a knife, which year after year remained perfectly sharp. When the butcher asked how he manages to keep the blade in such a state, he replied: "I follow the lines of the bones. I do not try to cut it, and in general to break somehow resist it. It will only spoil the knife. " In life you have to go along the obstacles. If you try to overcome them - it just hurt.

12. I weigh 70 kilograms. If I do not fall down an opponent in three hits - the end of me. I use both hands and feet, and beat so fast that I have to slow down, the camera caught my movements. In my very first take people just fell to the ground, and there was absolute silence, as I beat them.

13. Beat boards and bricks - this is nonsense for suckers. Blackboard will never surrender.

14. Of course, I sometimes go to compromise with his wife and eat American food. You're not going to serve steak fried rice.

15. My strength comes from the stomach. In it - the center of gravity, it is a source of energy.

16. Let's say that 99 percent of all of martial arts - is a deceptive or false. Everything looks very nice, but it is not working. If a girl weighing 45 kilograms attack, all she can do - is to strike struggles in one of three points: eyeballs, groin or lower leg. At this point, you need to give tear.

17. If you love life, do not waste your time, because the time - is that from which life made.

18. In the furnace of the circumstances, create opportunities!


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