Bitter wedding. The motorcade with the bride and groom came under freight locomotive

The tragedy occurred on Saturday on a highway Armavir - Uspenskoye village at the entrance to the village of Zarechnoye. Wedding train crashed at a railway crossing in freight locomotive. The groom's parents were killed and two passengers.

As told to the correspondent "RG" the leading specialist of the Public Relations of the North-Caucasian railway Vasily Shouters for moving "1658-km distance path of Armavir in Krasnodar branch of the North Caucasian Railways" driver ignored a red light and drove onto the tracks. Passing freight train pulled up, but moving by inertia, hooked left side car and dragged it 350 meters until it stopped.

By pure coincidence, the first in a wedding motorcade, which were the bride and groom had to slip and move to the next machine proved fatal: 26-year-old driver and two elderly people, the groom's parents, died on the spot. Another passenger, which is in serious condition was taken to hospital and died the same day.

How did you know the deceased driver Michael Volodya was an assistant to the head of administration of the city of Armavir, before it loses the right to drive the car for part of the accident.

Break in motion on this railway line lasted two and a half hours. According to the act of a survey the railway crossing (span between Konokovo village and Armavir), which was not equipped with gates, the visibility at the time was absolute, traffic is operating normally.

 - Now a refinement of all the details of the incident the Prosecutor's Office, - says Acting head area of ​​the Assumption, on whose territory the tragedy occurred, Igor Akulinin - but now it can be assumed that the fault in the accident the driver of the vehicle. Eyewitnesses saw as he traveled a convoy of ten cars stopped on forbidding signal, and literally went under the wheels of the locomotive.

According to the head of the propaganda department of road safety STSI GUVD Krasnodar Territory Tamara Savchenko, in most cases, under similar state of emergency is usually to blame the driver of the vehicle. In recent years, this is the second road accident in the Kuban region with a large number of deaths. Two years ago, the victims of a collision with a bus near the village of Voronezh by train Ust-Labinsk district of Krasnodar region became 22 people. As this time, then the bus driver missed the locomotive on the unregulated level crossing.


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