Top 10 unexplained phenomena (11 photos)

Science tries to understand the world, but not always possible to scientists to understand and explain phenomena occurring. I think every one of us, if not experienced, or at least heard about something that does not fit into the scientific picture of the world. Your attention is the rating of such phenomena. Rating created magazine, unfortunately, does not include the most intriguing question: "Where did and for which there is humanity?", But also present in the ranking of a dozen very interesting.

10 - Communication of the body with the mind

Medicine is only beginning to understand the ways of the influence of the mind on the body. For example, the placebo effect demonstrates that people can alleviate the symptoms of the disease simply believing that the drug is effective, regardless of whether the drug effectively indeed. Self-healing capabilities of the human body is very impressive, but no less mysterious.

9 - paranormal abilities and ESP

Paranormal abilities and extrasensory perception are in this ranking only because considered widespread. As a result of research the existence of paranormal abilities proved clearly has not yet been.

8 - Life after death

People who were on the verge of death, often talk about the strange visions and describe the experience of OBE existence. Although the evidence of different people have a lot in common, to prove the truth of this information has not yet succeeded. In order to understand this mystery, scientists are now conducting a study called AWARE.

7 - UFO

There is no doubt that UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) exist. In heaven often see something that they can not identify. Although most cases are understandable (from weather balloons to meteor), always remains a mystery.

6 - Deja vu


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