Funniest people's habits

It is said that humor - a piece individually. Everyone makes fun in their own way. However, what is interesting: bolshinstu of us are peculiar pretty funny and the same habits. Where they came from, who invented them, and even more so invested in our heads - absolutely not clear.

• You bought a new TV or home system unit? What's inside the box, in addition to the main product? Of course, the bubbles in the polyethylene bag! They can be so wonderful to burst! Chick-Chick! Chpok-chpok! And when they end, then the soul there is such a shame - even go buy a calculator for a new portion of the bubbles.

• Bed spread out, we go to bed. What should I do? Turn off the lights and turn up the cold side of the pillow to dream of only fresh and cheerful dreams. A little later we press blanket between your legs and fall into the arms of Morpheus.

• To be a trip on the subway? So, take with player and headphones, because without music too boring. We take out all of the bags in the subway and see that? Of course, the headphones are entangled so that they unravel even need to try. We are very frustrating, but when we see that the same problem faced by our neighbor on the car, then breaks into a smile and soothing.

• We we blow into a tube from a glass of soda. And do not make excuses, that never happened. Come on, you must admit, childhood you let bubbles in the lemonade, and parents cursed and warned that a cultural institution so do not. And we still do!

• And if the table is big juicy cake with chocolate or nut crumbs, whipped cream and other sweets, which can be removed with your finger and go unnoticed, we will do just that. How nice to know at least a taste of cake particles, when all around only guess what he!

• We set the alarm for 5 minutes earlier in the morning to a little "rest" before you get ready for work or university.

• When we want to know what time it is, then pulled out his phone, looking at his watch, put "mobile" back and immediately forget what time it is.

• Hearing stupid song with primitive melody built on three score and two words croon it throughout the working day, at home for dinner and even before bedtime. Why is it - is unclear, even more incomprehensible why this phenomenon is so massive.

And walking on stone tiles, we cross through a square or a certain line, being in the closet, read the inscriptions on the Kazakh language for air fresheners or powder. Here we are strange, similar personality!


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