Missed opportunity

Daily Telegraph newspaper published a photo galleries of unlucky and hungry crocodiles in the Masai Mara.
First, trying to catch the crocodile wildebeest herds of which came to drink. By the way, know how to wildebeest in English? - Wildebeest. So austere.
But the crocodile missed, and wildebeest otbrykalas.

And then, to the delight of the photographer Andy Rouse, who, though happy for wildebeest, but upset for wishy-washy report, the water herd rushed zёber. Zebras wanted to swim pond. And here nenaevshiysya gnusyatiny crocodile.

By the way, is a good illustration of the saying "Fear has big eyes».

But to repeat the maneuver wildebeest zebra. Unfortunately, the photographer, and then failed to clearly enough to capture the struggle that took place mostly under water.

It looks like golodnenky crocodile 20 feet long, which is aware of all the missed chances.


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