How many presidents earn

The salary of the head of Apple Computers Steve Jobs does not hold: he gets $ 1 a year. Jobs himself is the Truth can afford, since concurrently it also owns. President of the country do not own, but still lead. In how much their services are valued?

10th place: Until recently, the President of Georgia received a salary of $ 200 a month - a decent, perhaps petty clerk. After the creation of the Georgian George Soros Development Fund reform, the salary of the first person in the country has increased to $ 3,000 per month.

9th place: One of the lowest paid according to official figures is the president of Turkmenistan - $ 900 per month. However, poor Mr. President can not be named: the capital state-President of the Commercial Bank, the share capital of which is personal funds the president - that's $ 65 million.

8th place: The official salary of President Lukashenko - about $ 300 a month. Unofficial sources give a figure $ 2300.

7th place: The Parliament of Azerbaijan has repeatedly reduced the salaries of its president. After a few cuts, it is $ 16, 5 thousand. The Bolivian leader Evo Morales cut his salary myself: now it is a little more than $ 1,800 per month.

6th Italian President also decided that his salary is no different modesty ($ 156 000 per year), but because in 2007 he will receive 47 000 $ less.

5th place: Raise his salary is dangerous. On the experience was convinced the British Prime Minister Tony Blair. The salary of the prime minister - a little less than $ 350 thousand. It consists of a base salary MP (£ 59,686) and the salaries of the first Lord of the Treasury (£ 126,085). Blair announced that unlike his predecessors going to get all that he owed. Before him, it was not accepted. In response, Blair was accused of greed.

4th place: The biggest salary in Europe, the President of Ireland, who cost his country $ 350 thousand. Per year.

3rd place: Among the highest salary is the Japanese prime minister - a little less than 400 thousand dollars.

2nd place: Traditionally, the highest paid is the president of the United States. But from January 1, 2001, his salary is $ 400 thousand. Per year, not counting the variety of bonuses - all possible compensation costs and, of course, a free stay in the White House.

1st place: Most of all get the Singapore president and prime minister. Salary officials in Singapore - the most effective form of anti-corruption. These posts cherish literally! Premier receives 1 million. Dollars and bonuses 2 million. The president gets only half a million dollars less.


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