In Moscow, the wind blew a flock of cats

At night in the center of Moscow a strong gust of wind in the air was raised by a pack of cats. Interfax correspondent says that cats' wild howls swept over the land. "

It also reported that the incident occurred near the metro station "Belorusskaya". Greenpeace can sleep calmly, according to eyewitnesses, animals jokes elements resulting not injured.

Expert Ribbons are not too lazy to do the calculations: to fly a plane rectangular cat weighing 3 kg 500 cm2 area with the angle of attack of 10-15 degrees is necessary wind speed of more than 35 meters per second. It should be noted that wind power can destroy this house. This calculation, of course, conditional, as flat rectangular cats in nature do not happen, and the cat and the fan power at the disposal of the relevant wording for the experiment at the time of this writing, has not appeared.

Personally, I was not so lucky, as the Muscovites ... I do not mind that something similar happened with cats near my house, which every night is not allowed to sleep around the neighborhood.


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