Gyroplane A-002M

The first production autogyro A-002M. It's about him president of Russia, visiting the Irkutsk Aviation Plant, asked in surprise: "What is this kid?", I wonder what kind of president who does not know what is being done and is done? But now is not about that ...
A-002M was created by specialists of the Irkutsk aviation plant for several years, and the original version of the device has undergone significant changes. So, instead of an aircraft engine installed on it the car, the body was rebuilt with modern materials. Gyroplane A-002 is fully designed using computer technology. It features a unique set of properties inherent in gyroplanes: short take-off and landing point; modular design and extensive modifications; paired control; indoor heated cabin; ease of piloting and exploitation; the opportunity to perform, if necessary, landing on unprepared sites, commensurate with the size of the device; low sensitivity to atmospheric turbulence and crosswinds. Gyroplane is easy to fly and operate. The most valuable feature of the gyroplane - safety. He never misses the spin mode. Main characteristics of the gyroplane flight speed - from 40 to 210 km / h; altitude - up to 2000 m; payload weight - over 300 kg; range with full load - more than 600 km. While in a series of 10 cars running.
The first autogyro acquired company "Irkutskenergo".


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