Sled dog race (21 photos)

In Alaska, it is held annually and is the most prestigious in the world of dog sled race Iditarod. The current race was the 37th in a row, it is attended by 67 people. Basically manage teams of men, but among the participants of this race have 13 women. The number of four-legged participants this year is about a thousand. The symbolic start of the competition traditionally been given in Anchorage, each driver starts usually with 12-16 dogs, and at the finish line in a team there must be no less than five. A well trained team usually goes the route of 2 thousand. Km in 9-17 days. The last record was set in 2002 by Martin Bazerov - his team took the race in 8 days 22 hours 46 minutes and 2 seconds.

The race is held in memory of the dramatic race in 1925, when only using dog teams failed to deliver the goods from Anchorage drugs seized in the city of Nome diphtheria epidemic.


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