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Animals, like people, often in the news. Let's take a look at the animal kingdom and get acquainted with our smaller brethren, have been mentioned in the news around the world in the first months of 2013.
Marten, who ran on the field during the match, Swiss Super League between "Zurich" and "Tun" bitten by the defender of "Zurich" Loris Benito when he tried to remove it from the site, 10 March 2013. (Reuters / Pascal Lauener)

Dogs running on the track during a sprint sled dog race in Wallgau, Germany, March 2, 2013. More than 100 sleds took part in the race at a distance of 3, 7 and 40 kilometers. (Johannes Eisele / AFP / Getty Images)

Temporary shelter worker feeds a cub night monkey two weeks after birth to the west of Bogota, Colombia, 18 February 2013. The man who brought the monkey said he found it on the side of the road in the department of Meta. Upon arrival to the shelter monkey weighing 100 grams. (AP Photo / Fernando Vergara)

A flock of starlings circling over a field in the town of Netivot in southern Israel, January 24, 2013. (Reuters / Amir Cohen)

Cat watching passers-by from the window of a pub in central London, 27 February 2013. (Reuters / Toby Melville)


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