Influence of radiation and radio waves (4 photos)

To quote the author:

I brought a friend of mine 3 cotton station. And we started to have fun with it. One of the entertainment was in the hands of zazhizanie fluorescent lamps. First I pulled lyuminestsentku of a desk lamp, portable radio is placed in the transmit mode, the impact of the antenna on the glass and the lamp lights up.
Burning in hands, to anything not connected lamp.

But we have gone further, coming in entrance, so we decided to light makarom conventional fluorescent tube. It was night and we had to turn off the lamp vandalized, having turned it into a cartridge. After that, I picked up the radio, put on the transfer lightly flicked antenkoy glass lamps, to detonate the gas and lit the lamp. True, not all batteries have been run down.

And then a bunch of lamps lit under the power lines


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