Protests against the policies of Barack Obama in the US (16 photos)

In several cities in the United States on April 15 held a protest against the fiscal policy of Barack Obama (Barack Obama) and his administration. Thousands of demonstrators protesting against the economic plans of the White House held a so-called "tax tea party." Participants of the action tried to draw a parallel with one of the historical events that marked the beginning of the independence of the British colonies in America. This is the "Boston Tea Party" in 1773, when a group of activists protesting against the abolition of the British government import duties on tea in the North American colonies, threw 45 tons of tea overboard British ships in the port of Boston. The idea of ​​the current series of "tea parties" as a protest against the initiative of the Obama administration to refinance risky mortgages filed in February, market analyst cable television CNBC Rick Santelli. Within two months of rallies against government stimulus programs were held in several major cities. Obama's critics took advantage of his experience, resorting to the Internet to organize protests.


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