Products that are banned in the US

In good, many of the products is necessary to prohibit in Russia.
But let's look at the products that are not allowed to use the Americans.
And we start with the Kinder eggs ...

Banned because of small parts. And it does not save the warning on the packaging the presence of small parts. It does not save even the fact that small parts are in the box. It is said that this is because the child suffocated. Where to watch the adults?

Puffer fish

Banned clear why she venomous wrong to cut - will die in agony. Why take the risk?


Oddly enough, but absinthe is banned in the US a very long time, and all because of the content of wormwood, which can lead to unpleasant consequences, according to US scientists. For example, they believe that wormwood can cause miscarriage. It is reasonable to answer that during pregnancy it is better not to drink alcohol, but about him somehow everybody forgets. Now absinthe in the United States is allowed, but in fact this is not absinthe wormwood in it very little.

Cake from pig blood

You ate ever black pudding? Cake from pig's blood - almost the same, only it is still attached to a long wooden stick. It is prohibited in the United States only because it is considered unhygienic. We remind you that all sorts of burgers, fried in oil, it is possible, and pork blood - no.


No, this is not the children's diapers. Absolutely. Haggis - Scotland's national food, which is a sheep's stomach, which pushed the various organs of a sheep. Then it's brewed. Banned dish is not due to the fact that this is the hell boiled sheep's stomach, and because of the fact that it contains sheep lungs. The liver, kidneys, stomach, cooked, heart ... everything is normal. But light can not be! Wherefore banned.


In the 60's Dr. Pepper has launched a soft drink flavored champagne. Great idea, do you think, but the guys from America said that it was disorienting. Found in the drink harmful substance sodium cyclamate Pommac finally introduced in the list of prohibited goods.

Any meat produced outside the United States

According to the laws of America, any processed meat products have to be produced in America. Some products are not allowed.

Human and horse meat

Horses in the United States can not eat. Absolutely! Do not even think about it. But here's a shame that you can not eat human flesh! People should have the right to dispose of her body as they want. And the zombies want to eat.


Most people believe that chocolate paste vile because of excessive sweets and high content of folic acid.

Four Loko (the original)

Surprisingly, Pindos have something to learn. They are forbidden foods while caffeine and alcohol. And we have students "Jaguar" jammed.



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