The British edition of the Mirror zhzhot (3 photos)

The website of the British magazine Mirror, a note about the fact that pedophiles will now check on a lie detector to prevent future crimes.
And this article was illustrated with a photograph of a blurred face.
You know this man? I recognized at once)) Too often it appears at us.

Yes, it's the mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky!

How is work? Simply. I need a photo for an article about the lie detector.
Bild editor went on runoff news agencies and to find photos found, then just buy it, and posted on the website.
Since people like and casual, his face is painted over, yet an article about pedophiles.
The editor is not smart enough to read the description of the photo.
Half an hour went by Runet link and the article was removed.
Next picture without retouching)





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