Modern youth

In the British Parliament discussed the issue of youth. He announced from the rostrum of the four statements of different people about the youth. Here they are, these statements:

1. Our youth loves luxury, it is badly brought up, it makes a mockery of the authorities and does not respect the elderly. Our kids today have become tyrants, they do not stand up when the room included an elderly man perechat their parents. Simply put, they are very bad.

2. I have lost all hope about the future of our country, if today's young people will take tomorrow to hand over the reins, because this young bear, inconsistency, just terrible.

3. Our world has reached a critical stage. Children no longer obey their parents. Apparently, the end of the world is not very far.

4. This youth was corrupt to the core. Young people are insidious and negligent. They will never be like the youth of times past. The younger generation of today will not be able to preserve our culture.

All these sayings of youth, of a hopeless future in the parliament were met with applause. Then he opened the card. It turns out that the first sentence belongs to Socrates, the second - Hesiod, the third - the Egyptian priests, and the fourth in a clay pot found in the ruins of Babylon, and the age of the pot - 3000 years. "


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