Helped suicide (4 photos)

Angry passerby pushed from the bridge a man who threatened suicide and road traffic is delayed for 5 hours, local media reported.
As reported, 66-year-old Chinese man broke through a police cordon and pushed potential suicide from the bridge.
"I pushed him off because jumpers like him very selfish. Their actions violate the public interest, "the man said. He also noted that in such cases people usually do not jump, but only want to attract attention.
How to tell the local police, in fact, the beginning of April it is already the case 12 when the bridge at this person threatens suicide, but not without help and no one jumped.
As a result, the push passer "suicide" landed on the police spread out airbag, which is reported to have been partially inflated, and the injured wrist and back, he was hospitalized. Police detained an aggressive passer.


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