How to make rugs (15 pics + text)

The carpets are wool, silk and Chinese. To make the wool carpet you will need: Wool cattle, wood, paint, a huge copper vat machine and a woman. Once out of the furry animals you made woolen yarn they need to be painted. Wool dyed with natural dyes (each province has its own methods of staining).

After this operation, the wool is washed in pure water and hung to dry. The dyes obtained from the roots of the madder, shell walnuts, grape leaves, stalks of asparagus, peel pomegranates from cochineal, sour milk. For dyeing and are also used mineral chemicals in combination with caustic soda, citric acid and others. Necessary to fix the paint and prevent it from being washed out and erasing. After painting and drying, thread go to the market where they are sold in kilograms kovropryadam, but this in the next series.

Painting a room.

Wool thread thrown into the paint.

And cook while drinking tea.

To get it.

The paint is poured.


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