The main sources of allergies in Your home

1. Plants.
Be very careful with them. Mold can appear in pots and go on the floor. To prevent this from happening, trim the dead leaves and use the trays for flower pots or saucers, so as not to fill the flowers when watering.

2. Pets.
Yes, we love them, but sometimes they can be an inconvenience. Allergies are quite often associated with animals, but their wool is not always the primary cause. A constant source of allergies is a protein, which is in saliva, urine and dandruff of animals, which, incidentally, flies everywhere and lands on our carpets, furniture and bed.

3. The carpets and rugs.
Carpets and rugs in the house can play a role, which perhaps you did not even guess. They collect dust and become home to ticks is fairly well-known source of allergies. To get rid of this problem, you need to clean the apartment by a cleaner with a HEPA filter or just throw away your old carpets. The humidity in the room should not be more than 55%. Besides, you should always ventilate the room.

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