Factories in China (41 pics + text)

Author photos and text: Sergeydolya
Have you ever seen a real bio-robots? Working models? I have seen. In China. At the factory for the production of headphones. They sit at the tables and make dozens of identical operations per minute. Their brain off. Their hands are moving at lightning speed along a predetermined path. Their fingers convulsively clenched and unclenched in extreme positions. Minute by minute. Hour after hour. Day by day. Year after year ...

Every morning I took away from the hotel once the manufacturer and takes to his factory. Depending on the "steepness" of his company takes several buildings to small room with a couple of workers. The first factory was producing headphones.

On the ground floor there is heavy machinery, dies plastic parts headphones. Every 20 seconds in the oven baked another item. The operator pulls it cuts the excess pieces of plastic and folds neatly in layers in the box:

Here is a warehouse with equipment - special molds, allowing to obtain the details of the relevant type of plastic. Each earphone - its shape. Accordingly, for each model needs its own accessories:

Upstairs is the production itself. Along the long pipeline workers sitting at the tables. Each of them is responsible for any minor surgery. He takes a passing semi-finished product, doing his actions and sends it to the way forward:


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