Survey types Southwestern district of Moscow (32 photos)

Excellent views from LJ user victorprofessor, who made another climb to the tallest building in the South-West district of Moscow: residential complex "Vellhaus" on Leninsky Prospekt height of 50 floors + technical floors and a helipad.

Crossroads - Leninsky Prospekt and street. Obrucheva:

Moscow State University, Ostankino TV tower.

31 Hospital Street. Lobachevsky.

Leninsky Prospekt in the direction of the field, isolation from the street. Ostrovityanovva and Vernadsky Prospekt.

LCD Mirax Park. On the horizon you can see the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNovo-Peredelkino and ski hill there

Lomonosov district of South-west. Red house on the street. Builders, Circus on Vernadsky Prospekt.

LCD Sparrow Hills, followed by Victory Park. Left on the horizon Tower OCTODE on October field.

Crossroads of Lenin Avenue to the street. Obrucheva and st. Lobachevsky. Right visible 24-storey building built back in 1977.


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