Sandy superbike Platune Sand-X Bike (10 photos)

Tyunnery Platune US and Swiss company developed the Sand-X off-road vehicles - Platune Sand-X Bike, - specially designed to navigate the sandy surface. For example, deserts. Layout Platune Sand-X Bike is identical to the snowmobile. However, there are structural differences. Thus, instead of a pair of skis in the front wheel set. In addition, as to operate the vehicle is expected in regions with warm climates, the developers have taken out of the body outside the radiator. However, due to the fact that it is installed in the front, it had to be further protected by a special tubular frame. The movement Platune Sand-X Bike leads 800 cc two-cylinder engine 160 hp Rotax Thanks to him peskohod accelerates to 100 km / h in just 2, 8 seconds. Dynamics decent superbike and not an SUV. Maximum speed is 185 km / h.


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