Dvuhbatonny vodoplav (7 photos)

Prohibitive duties on Japanese cars, broken roads and overly zealous guardians of order definitively finish off the coastal motorists. Mass they leave home space, migrating in search of a better life. But not all at the same time willing to give up their four-wheeled friend in the lurch. The most courageous citizens trying to smuggle trucks under its own power back to Japan. And even the water barrier is not able to cool their noble impulses.

This car is in a past life distressed its Japanese owner, perhaps even Japanese grandmothers pressed right on pedestrian crossings. As a punishment, after death, he was in the car hell - the Russian city of Vladivostok. Where disgusting substrate instead of diesel, winding clusters of bumps and holes instead of roads and chronic alcoholics with driver - were terrible punishment for what he did during his life.

But perhaps even escape from hell. Or sail. Grow a pair of large yellow loaves, little car was able to cross the body of water of varying salinity.

Last resolute bunch of pipes, jumps a couple of pebbles smeared with black oil, and ahead of only the Sea of ​​Japan to the rarely stumbles islands.

Like this boat transom mounted ancient but vigorous, outboard motor, and the Russian flag (masking).


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