A Practical Guide. Sharpening razor blades in the pyramid

The idea is not new and certainly this one heard something. But oddly enough on the Internet is extremely little information about this amazing phenomenon and other oddities in the pyramid. So I spread my experience.
Take a break from the endless bustle briefly, contracts, McDonald's and Coca-Cola.
After all, if you think about the effect of sharpening the razor - is one of the few real miracles, which is confirmed by an objective and that can be done in a few hours.

There are other interesting phenomena of water charging to recover information on a CD (!), But start with the blade to make sure it works!

As early as a year ago, I made of plasterboard model - it really sharpened razor from Gillette MACH3 Turbo. Several times already honed and shave a couple of blades all this year (one shave, another sharpening).

I have the pyramid base of 0.5 meters, as a proportion of the Egyptian Cheops.
Base - 500mm
The height of the side - 400mm
Rib length - 480mm
The height of the pyramid - 320mm
The height of the pedestal to the blades - 107mm

Material - drywall nevlagostoyky (however fit chipboard, and the usual cardboard). He is well-cut, then a rasp or a knife to trim them to fit with one another. Pasted "liquid nails» & quot; Moment & quot ;.

It is important that the base is square and faces parallel to each other.

Pyramid is oriented to the cardinal faces (north is not looking edge and the face !!!). Guided by the compass. Houses on the compass can cause interference various metal items such as batteries, so you need to walk through the apartment and look for a "real" as the average direction of the north.
Pyramid positioned as far as possible from the objects met (the effect will be, but because of the distortions weakened).
The blade is placed on the inside of the cardboard pedestal 1/3 height.

It is important that the surface of the blade do not touch and then? the blade should be oriented from north to south (or vice versa).

Time Sharpening - week. The old razor shaving is impossible to shave like new, sometimes it feels even better and longer.


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