The best father - a hero

This is an example of boundless parental love, willpower and perseverance.
This is a story about a father and son, which together can reach any peaks!

The son asked his father: "Daddy, you take part in the marathon with me?". Father, in spite of the problems with the heart said, "Yes." And they went all the marathon together. Once they are often involved in other marathons, the father always replied consent son when he asked to pass a line together. One day, the son asked his father: "Daddy, can we take part in the Ironman?». And the father replied, "Yes" - as always ... For those who do not know, Ironman (Eng. "Iron Man") - the hardest triathlon in the world. The route is divided into 3 parts: first you need to run about 42 km along the coast, then 3, 86 km swim across the ocean, and finally, 180, 2 kilometers on the bike. Father and son, and finished the race together. Later, in a television interview his father, Dick Hoyt, said that when Rick was still in the womb, the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, cutting off the oxygen supply to the brain. When Rick was born, the doctor who took care of him, said Dick and his wife that their son will never be able to walk or talk, and it would be better, that they threw him. But my father could not do, but instead brought home on his hands and has since treated him like any normal child. Then one day the boy saw on the TV marathon for the first time and asked his father to take part in the same ... In an interview with Dick called a hero, he just said: "I just love my family." Over the past 15 years, they have passed 212 triathlons and 4 times 15 tichasovoy Ironman ... And finally, one very important thing. My father still had a heart attack, and doctors say that he would have died 15 years ago if it had not been so active.


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