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Psychiatric patients on stage during a performance of "The Gentleman from Paris" in Havana. French actor Sergei Sandor (not pictured) led the statement, which was attended by the mentally ill from the hospital Eduardo Bernabe Ordaz. (Enrique De La Osa / Reuters)

Queen Elizabeth II in the diamond crown of the British Empire is to announce the government's plans for the next parliamentary session. (Toby Melville / Reuters)

People play dominoes in the light of a flashlight in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. In most cities in Haiti provide electricity only for a few hours a day due to lack of electricity production. (Ramon Espinosa / Associated Press)

More than 3 thousand people gathered at the vigil to remember the 12 victims of the collapse of the bonfires, which occurred 10 years ago at the University of «Texas A & M University» in the town of College Station, Texas. People gathered with candles at night scene of an accident that occurred on November 18 1999. (Jay Janner / Austin American-Statesman via Associated Press)


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