"Affordable Housing". Reality and Utopia

So, one of the most widely publicized populist projects quietly stepped into another world. Well, to be absolutely precise, it has been decided that in the near future Gosinvestproekt that, in fact, dealt with this topic, announced the end of research in this area and close national project "Affordable HousingĀ».
This was told the director of the department natsinvestproektov Yuri Gusev. Say, we did everything we could have developed a feasibility study (which, by the way cost budget of two million six hundred thousand hryvnia), held all the necessary and important negotiations with all stakeholders and agencies and fate of the project will depend on the implementation of social Guarantor of our initiatives. And, accordingly, there is a certain state target program of the same name, under which the project will be realized. At the expense of investment funds. I recall that was supposed to build on the project throughout the country, "the presidential quarters" of the 16 types of nine-storey buildings. Apartment area should not exceed 38 m2. And the cost per square meter is not above 4000grn.
And everything seems to be okay smoothly sounded from the lips of Mr. Gusev. Yes, just knowing our reality, we can say with confidence - Farewell project. Rest in peace. Maybe even pulled out information about you from the dusty room in the right place at the right time, to chop off a few percent of the electorate. Well, he was born in Pontus, because of the Ponte and usop.


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