Top 60 mistakes new entrepreneurs:

1. The first step is to register a legal entity.
2. Immediately transfer the operational management of the company to another person.
3. Remove the office in the city center.
4. First the money to spend on buying expensive things, luxury cars and personal driver.
5. Fill in the entire state personnel.
6. Dial the credits and debts, hoping to cover them at the expense of future profits.
7. The only hope for inspiration.
8. Trying to catch up with competitors who work for many years.
9. Engage in business just for the sake of getting money.
10. Hoping that someone will help.
11. Steer your business on the books.
12. Follow the advice of people who have no business.
13. Take personal secretary to work.
14. Make an expensive site.
15. invest in traditional forms of advertising.
16. Trying to immediately go to the big turnovers.
17. Hoping that the business will soon be working on your own and without any effort to bring big profits.
18. Avoid working with documents and reports.
19. To live beyond their means.
20. To think that business is easy.
21. Go to invest all your money in the stock market and make money on forex.
22. Chase for short money.
23. To tell all in a row on their first successes.
24. Most of the time to devote to the construction plans, not actions.
25. put on the fact that the problem will be solved by themselves.
26. Make all surrounding companions.
27. Expect to work in a global network business.
28. suffice for all threads in a row.
29. To purchase expensive equipment.
30. Do not take the product to market, and immediately pay for it, without haggling.
31. All other entrepreneurs considered fools.
32. Start with the trade of oil, sugar, precious metals.
33. casually refer to small earnings.
34. Ignore the little expenses.
35. Start to fly in business class.
36. Do not listen to the recommendations of experienced businessmen.
37. Hold meetings in expensive restaurants, paying bills partner and leaving a generous tip.
38. Forget about a family vacation and friends.
39. In the first year of trying to become a world-renowned.
40. To employ everyone, especially those who are most sorry.
41. Provide social services. package to all employees.
42. Begin to learn real estate prices on the ruble and manage to arrange a mortgage.
43. Become a mmm.
44. Open a few companies.
45. Buy expensive furniture and wait for visitors to come.
46. ​​Hope for the State or a foreign tender.
47. Trying to find foreign partners and investors.
48. Trying to run a business, constantly being away.
49. Spit on business and again to get a job.
50. Thinking that your partner will do the work for you.
51. To allow subordinates to financial management.
52. Do not read the contract.
53. gaining market share without competitive advantages.
54. Begin to engage in large bulk.
55. Organize a "roof».
56. Hope for bogus ties to the government.
57. Begin to participate in the sale of administrative resources.
58. underestimate their competitors.
59. Advertise on the central television.
60. lay flat.


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