Area for youngsters. Volskaya educational colony

Two rows of barbed wire. Three-meter fence. And watch towers with weapons loaded with live ammunition. Hard to believe that it is an area for youngsters. Volskaya educational colony.

Recently, the children's area is becoming increasingly apparent special caste of prisoners. Heavily worn clothes, broken shoes, some driven into their faces. This caste poor. In essence, they are different somehow from the rest only in that other, happier parents arrive, provide them with clothes and cigarettes. Naturally, they share a "poor", but here plays an important role psychological advantage. Yes, actually, than the world of teenagers and young men behind bars is different from the world? But here another depressing. When you exit from prison, a young man - an orphan (namely orphans and children from disadvantaged families formed clan poor) simply have nowhere to go. The prison administration is trying to attach the guys at vocational schools, but the mass unemployment, they may again be ready material for the underworld ... Try as well as you can later translate into adult zone (this is, of course, in the long term). And even defying age limit (from 14 to 18 years) to keep the guy at up to 21 years, and there provided good behavior shines parole (conditional - parole).

Dime cereals (name changed at his request) nineteen. The fact that he is still here (and not in the adult area), thanks to the help of seven personnel file. A deadline had considerable - 9-plus years. And his crime too characteristic of our times. He and a few other guys man beaten to death. For jeans. His kick consequence recognized fatal. And jeans still not come.

Here it is, young killer is sitting in front of me, frowning sullenly. What, in fact, I'm different from him? Only, perhaps, by the fact that we were with him on the opposite side of the grille ... I - relatively prosperous Moscow journalist, he is - a juvenile delinquent. I'm quite free in his behavior, even behave more impressively, he's strained to the limit. In general, in everyday life it is easy to "calculate" even former convict on the invariable tension. No revelations from Dima I do not expect. Yes, and I can not get into the soul of the guy. We are talking about the usual things. Under the parole he is tyazhelostateynik falls, but in contrast to the thief, sit him at least two thirds of.

Yes, and it will not be anything to complain about, this is adopted in the area of ​​the game, in which the prize - shortening. Naturally, the main dream Dima - the will, even though he can hardly imagine what it will be there to deal with. Touched favorite theme prison folklore - the "black" and "red" zones. And it does not matter who holds the power of a zone - "cops" or "godfather" - and that juvenile offenders, more isolated from the world of big crime, already well aware of the laws and regulations, it perpetrated.

His friends, who come to the parents say that they sometimes even happy that their children here, and not in Chechnya. Here at least you can be sure that their child will survive ...

Dima has long been realized that the mother does not need it. It helps that in the area of ​​relationships are built on the principle of national groups, and therefore the lack of clothes and smokes it does not have to complain. In general, do not get us a heart to heart conversation.

And why - I realized just came out of the zone. Just because it has experienced an incredible sense of relief. Still will - it's all.


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