Talk about the different

Said the woman, who suffered not so long ago (six months ago) gynecological surgery.
A week ago, it was necessary to visit the dentist's office for the prevention of, and about a year ago when the flux it makes a small incision in the mouth, and this young dentist, looking into the open mouth and beheld, probably there is a trace of the seam with a straight face proclaims:
 - Have you recently had an operation ...
What amazed woman asked:
 - And how did you find out, the doctor?
 - So I can see everything from here.
How did the treatment, this time a woman does not remember, since in her thoughts were busy postyazheniem sacrament of medical science, and only came out of the office and heard behind closed doors barely suppressed neighing of a horse (as a friend then said honey. Sister - Doctor at this time opened ambulatory patient card just in the right place), I realized that we can talk about a completely different with the same words.


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