In St. Petersburg brought 650 tons of uranium waste (photo + text + video)

Cargo ship "Captain Kuroptev" has brought today in St. Petersburg 650 tons of uranium waste - depleted uranium hexafluoride from France. On the spit seaport ship met activists of the organization "Greenpeace", which held a protest by posting a 20-meter banner with the sign of radiation sign «STOP» and «Russia - no dump" signal lit torches.

The press service of "Greenpeace" noted that the activists were trying to stop the freighter along the entire route from the plant in Pierrelatte in France, to the North Sea. French activists "Greenpeace" dismantled part of the railway line to prevent the transport of radioactive waste in the port of Le Havre in northern France, and then the ship "Esperanza" has tried to stop the ship "Captain Kuroptev" in the North Sea.

Cargo who came to St. Petersburg today owned by the French company AREVA. Only in the last 4 years AREVA has sent to Russia about 30 thousand. Tons of uranium waste. The contract will be valid at least until 2014.

After the action the protesters blocked the road traffic police, the police and people in civilian clothes. Several activists were briefly detained. In addition, violators of the order was held educational talks.

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