Pskov Kremlin was severely damaged by fire (21 photos)

The fire started with Vlasievskaya tower, which was a restaurant "White Russia". At one time, in the 1990s - against drinking establishment in a historic monument were residents of the city. But then their protest was not heard. Ancient tower, which in Soviet times was a viewing platform and guarded round the clock - gave in private hands.

The fire occurred yesterday, that's according to "News».
25 million rubles will cost recovery Pskov Kremlin - a monument of architecture of the XII century.
This is the preliminary assessment of the experts who examined the conflagration. In the fire completely burned Vlasievskaya Tower - amyatnik architecture of federal significance, the neighboring - Rybniczkaya - was severely damaged. Among the possible causes of the fire called arson,
and some have seen in emergency even mystical trail: more than four centuries ago Pskov Kremlin also burned, and it was, as now, April 28.


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