Moscow in smoke (35 photos)

Capital in the smoke! Creepy could.
Look what is happening in the capital.

Already at the Academy of Sciences became clear that to see at least something to be extremely problematic.

Usually the monastery of St. Andrew is clearly visible MSU. Now - only a white veil.

The third ring.

Kosygin Street.

The observation deck in front of the Moscow State University. Once upon a time there was a Moscow.

Now it is possible to consider only the vague outlines of Luzhniki.

Sparrow Hills.

MSU is only visible at close range.

Metro bridge turned into a road into the clouds.

Frunze Embankment.

Promenade dull garden.

True lovers of dance at all uneasy.

Gorky Park.

Moscow River

In the pedestrian bridge haze.

Novodevichy Convent.

Fishermen, this situation is clearly not bother - is biting.

Romantically minded citizens - too.

Slightly off topic, but could not get past the next pearl on Sofyino tower

A little more Novodevichy.

Leninist. Even half-past nine very tight.

This in their memory I do not remember. Let's hope that does not happen again soon, this trash


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