Child labor in the Afghan brick factory (18 photos)

Childhood ... Everyone is different. For some - it is hard work as adults.

In Afghanistan, the brick factories are developing successfully, their owners often cobble together their status thanks to the work of children who daily perform hard physical work from 8am to 5pm. Parents laborers attracted by their children for unskilled hard labor, hoping to earn a little more money. In the last month the average worker receives 200-300 dollars. The very primitive production technology, however, brings the plant's net profit of $ 45 for every thousand bricks

Work brickworks Sadat (Kabul, Afghanistan) carries bricks. 70 working adults and children a day are produced 21,000 bricks per month - 630 000.

Poor Afghan boy from Kabul to pray directly to the brick factory Sadat, where he works.


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