Amazing pictures of the Sun

The author of this amazing picture of the sun, which immediately sold all over the internet, is the astrological photographer and artist from Buffalo, NY - Alan Friedman.

Due to the fact that Alan prefers to work solely in the home, that is, the sky he photographs directly from your yard, which is located almost in the center of the city, distant galaxies, stars and nebulae he simply unavailable. Another thing - the sun, in good weather it is always discernible.

20 October photographer decided to connect to the telescope alpha-hydrogen filter that selects the smallest part of the visible spectrum. Hydrogen (one of the main components of the Sun) in dark red light strongly emitted, which gives an opportunity to highlight the flash and the outer layers of the Sun in some detail.

Previously, such a filter is available only for large-scale scientific telescopes. Its cost to date is $ 5,000. Lens diameter of 9 cm (3, 5 inches), "Little Big Man" - so Friedman calls his telescope, because he has a huge opportunity, despite its small size.

The author decided to do an infinite number of images, and by simply lifting the 90-second video, selected the most clear images. Just to get them around 900, but the selection took place only 200 of them.

Closer circle of the solar disk, he was able to remove the faint gas jet soaring along the Sun's magnetic field, as well as dark spots and splashes detailed atmosphere. After he inverted the picture, which added significant image is authentic.

Camera Alan makes black-and-white pictures, so I had to work a little on the selection of color, although it usually does not deal with this and prefer to keep the naturalness of their work.

"This picture is made specifically for Halloween," - says the artist.


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