Sun MRI showed that his bowels put misdiagnosed

An international team of scientists from the US and Germany held a kind of MRIs plasma flows beneath the surface of the Sun, and found that their speed is 100 times less than that calculated theoretically.
This implies the need to review existing concepts of heat transfer from the core to the surface of the star. And another recognition that some of the mechanisms functioning of the internal stars we are still unclear. In particular, the formation of sunspots and regions, generating a magnetic field, explained completely wrong. Therefore discovery requires the detection of alternative mechanisms explaining such phenomena.

It is believed that the heat from the core, with its millions of degrees, is transferred to the surface, having a total of 5,800 K, by convective transport (just heat from the batteries is distributed around the room). Thus, fluid dynamics and its transport model for the dynamics of hydrogen-helium plasma, which, as it turned out, was a mistake.

To make the flow of plasma in the Sun "MRI", the researchers used the images of convective flow of plasma derived 16-millionopikselnoy camera Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager, which is aboard NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. Applying these data to model the internal processes of convective transport, the researchers were surprised to find that the rate of convective flows under the surface of the sun is 100 times less than the theoretically required for the observed temperature of the solar surface.

"Our current theoretical understanding of the generation of magnetic fields on the Sun based on the fact that these movements [plasma flows] have a certain intensity, - said Shravan Hanasodzh, of Princeton University (USA) and lead author of the study. - These convection currents are believed responsible for the large-scale circulation of the plasma in the outer third of the sun, it generates a magnetic field ". And that's not the same thing as radiators, heat carrying 100 times worse than it was intended: it turns out that the magnetic field of the Sun on 99% provided God knows what. In addition, the surface temperature of the sun, according to the available models of its heating, should be significantly lower than the visible - and therefore the presence of sunlight on Earth at present inexplicable quantities.

A little earlier, we learned that the plasma from the Sun's surface in its crown rises much faster than previously thought. It now appears that the surface of it, on the contrary, moves 100 times slower.
"If these movements [plasma flows beneath the surface of the Sun] is really so weak - the researchers conclude - that the generally accepted theory for generating a magnetic field of the Sun is not working, leaving us with no alternative theory that can explain the observed intensity, and forcing us to reassess our understanding of the physics solar interior ».

There are only two options: either the work does not include a powerful factor hindering convection currents of plasma on the surface of the sun, or we are not familiar with the mechanisms that determine the intensity of the motion of the plasma inside a star. In any case, the physics of the Sun can be seriously reconsidered.


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