Barzhi- "bus" (6 photos)

Vladivostok, but rather during a trip to the island of Russian I liked barzhi- local "bus". In a past life, these self-propelled landing barges to transport tanks, and now predprimchivye businessmen began to use them to transport people and vehicles between the mainland and the island of Russian.

This thing melts can approach any unequipped shore. This is their main difference from the official ferry. And they swim faster in a few times.

Of course they go without a schedule, and without a specific route. Can bring to any place on the coast, where it is possible to moor. In general, this is not exactly legal business, and they say that they are working without a license for passenger transport. The cost for travel coincides with the official rates for the ferry.

They swim with substantial draft aft view of the fact that the designed so that when flattened sludge tank loading weighs 40 tonnes.

The platform is placed right next 4 cars out of them must be either in advance or that's the way.


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