Habits of successful people.

1. The habit of working with full dedication
If it simply, in Russian, then work hard, work hard and work hard again. In another way (unless you son of an oligarch) to become successful and reach a new level of personal development will not work. Only hard, constant and exhausting labor can help you reach new heights. And not just work, and to give his work as a loving wife - her husband.

2. HABIT sets the bar high
It is only important to distinguish high from unrealistic goal. If you put too high - the eel, if too low - the result is mediocre. So the best way - is to identify one major and very serious goal and break it down into smaller ones.
- I wanted to become a god, and became the only Shakespeare. So who will you, if you want to be just me? Shakespeare.

3. habit of seeing his goal
Ie quite specifically to imagine what you want. Do you want to become successful? That'S Perfect! But what exactly do you mean by "successful"? New position, apartment, his wife, his business? This, however, is not so important. The most important thing - it is clearly understood, see your goal and move towards it consciously, because if you do not know your destination, you will be quite difficult to buy the right ticket for a train.

4. HABIT occupies only favorite thing
Alexander Valuev is unlikely to become a world champion in rhythmic gymnastics. Understand what brings you pleasure from work. Do not listen to other people and do not follow other people's prejudices. Yes, to become a tough businessman - a success, but if you like to play football, it may be better to be a professional goalkeeper? Remember - no matter what it is you are doing. In any field of activity (if we are talking about work) has its own first-class professionals, earn more money. Make it a habit to only deal with things you love, and then you will achieve success. If you are not passionate about their work - it does not work.

5. HABIT takes its TIME
Stop finally read lentu.ru and turn off the TV. Make it a rule every free minute to do something useful. Donald Trump once said that time is more valuable than money, because and money can earn, but go back in time - never. And he is absolutely right. You do absolutely nothing to stop on the road, instead of listening to another nonsense on the FM radio, listen to the podcast, and in turn to the doctor - read a book. Do not ruin your precious (literally) time on unnecessary nonsense, take it.

6. habit of acting
Can be long and hard to lament about the unfair world, greedy "capitalists" and the lack of normal operation. But until you finally do not come off of the chair, and do not go to the interview - you did not accept the new position. Remember, a truly successful person distinguishes habit of acting. Of course, you need a plan, a goal and a means. So get them and start finally taking any action.


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