Gadgets CIA agents

Gadgets that are used by CIA agents in their work. Become commonplace microchamber and many other more interesting things ...

Belly Buster - a device that the CIA used in the late 50's and early 60's to drill holes in the wall. In the opening pawned listening device.

Opener envelopes. Was used during the Second World War to extract letters from envelopes without violating their integrity. The device is a little extensor top flap and gently battered letter. With modern envelopes such focus is not a ride. The extraction process of writing - the handle gently steep, winding clamped an stock. That's just how it then put back?

Stereoscope - a device that allows you to view photos and movies enemy territory, which filmed scouting planes in the format 3D.

Insectohopter - developed by the CIA in 1970 - a very small unmanned aerial vehicle that simulates the insect.

Spy Boat sample 1950. Without weapons it can carry two people, while in semisubmerged condition. Usually a boat landed with a big ship and penetrated into the territory to which the ordinary ships could not pass because of the size.


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