The asphalt lake in Trinidad

The area of ​​the lake of 40 hectares, the depth of 75 meters. Lake Pitch Lake - a deposit of natural asphalt. Its quality is not inferior to the pavement, produced commercially for the purpose of paving roads.

The first asphalt lake (Pitch Lake) in the southwest of Trinidad opened the Sir Walter Raleigh, traveling around the neighborhood Bray. This is one of the few natural asphalt lake in the world. Since its opening (1595) have conducted a number of studies to determine the chemical composition of the lake.

We put forward various theories to explain the origin of the lakes, rich bitumen. One theory is that the lake was formed in the basin of tectonic plates. Due to the high pressure feed is pushed from deep seams to the surface, the lighter components are vaporized, and the result is a pure asphalt.

Many different legends composed about this lake. Local Indians believe that the lake appeared as a result of revenge of the gods.


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