Soviet textbooks that make modern schoolchildren get their eyes on their foreheads

Some are convinced that Soviet education was indeed the best in the world, while others laugh at this conviction. Of course, you can always find pros and cons in everything. But the textbooks of the Soviet era will surely surprise any modern schoolchild.

In the editorial office of "Site" we wondered what subjects from the school curriculum of the Soviet era would definitely not interfere with today. Although modern children are already overloaded with various information. Therefore, a couple more textbooks on the bookshelf are unlikely to please them much.

© Depositphotos Textbooks of the Soviet era
  1. Calligraphy
    In recent years, children are increasingly typing on the keyboard or typing texts using the touch screens of pocket gadgets. It would seem, why in our time to learn to write beautifully? In fact, the connection between the development of fine motor skills and the development of mental abilities has long been known. And because the better the student is able to draw letters and numbers with a pen, the easier it is for him to learn. Still, I am glad that in many institutions this discipline is returning to the curriculum. Although it is called more modernly - calligraphy.

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  2. Logics
    Textbooks on this discipline are not so easy to find, because they were published back in the 50s. Then they decided to abandon the logic in the curriculum. Although this is the science of how to think, how to distinguish truth from lies, how to solve daily problems. Logic not only develops thinking, but also helps a person consistently and reasonably defend his point of view. Why is this item no longer needed? Probably, it turned out to be more important that children at school read and obediently remember what was written. And they did not try to comprehend what they read and draw conclusions themselves.

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Why studied drawing Drawing
A difficult subject that is most needed by those who are going to get a technical degree. When drawing was made an optional subject (elective), many easily abandoned it. Although drawing not only teaches you how to work with drawing tools and read drawings, but also develops spatial thinking. Therefore, it will not be possible to fully replace this object even with geometry.

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In addition to party slogans, the textbook "Initial Military Training" contained quite useful information. In these lessons, the students learned the basics of tactical and fire training. They were taught to navigate the terrain, survive in the forest without food and water, apply bandages, disassemble and assemble the machine gun ... View this post on Instagram

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Who Needs Astronomy Astronomy
In order to find additional hours for more important disciplines, astronomy is hardly studied at school in full. Although in really strong metropolitan schools this subject is held in high esteem today. Why is that? The fact is that astronomy lessons teach you to think big, make you think about global processes. Thanks to astronomy, it is possible to systematize the knowledge of evolution, physics, chemistry, geography, meteorology. In fact, this is the only subject that provides a comprehensive understanding of the world in which we live.

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In home economics lessons, they taught many necessary household things: cooking, sewing, interior basics, safe work with electrical appliances. Therefore, if the teacher did his work conscientiously, and the students tried, then there was a lot of benefit from such a science. “When I was still in the 70s, we had a wonderful labor teacher. I remember when our stove at school broke down, she took us with the whole class to cook for her (she lived nearby). Now this is unlikely to be found, but then it was a common thing. And we have learned how to cook! " - writes subscriber Tatiana.

Indeed, if home economics lessons were of good quality, then many fell in love with sewing, sewing, knitting or cooking for life. Everything depended on the enthusiasm and life experience of the teachers themselves. Therefore, the presence or absence of textbooks on home economics did not play a big role.

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Yes, Soviet-era textbooks are already outdated. Although there was a lot of useful things in them - that we managed to forget. And the subjects that were mercilessly deleted from the school curriculum helped to think broader and master a variety of areas of life.


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