PET-CT with methionine in Moscow

Pet scanning is a little different from standard tomographic imaging mode of contrast. The stages of diagnosis remain the same, only different preparations staining and technical possibilities of the equipment. The most informative method to identify complex pathologies acts PET scan with methionine. In Moscow, the diagnosis is conducted in specialized classrooms and requires some preparation before the session.

The working principle of the diagnostic method

Emission inspection includes a preliminary introduction into the bloodstream of the patient in radionuclide solution which fits the internal tissue structures from the inside during imaging. Computer scanner supports imaging device on a monitor which receives numerous pictures produced in color. Coloring substance acts as an amino acid solution methionine. In Moscow, PET-CT is only possible upon prior appointment of a doctor.

Before the examination it is necessary to observe the eight-hour fasting and come to the session on an empty stomach. Twenty minutes to scan through a syringe or catheter is inserted meinenemy dye that gradually spreads through the tissues and accumulate in them. After immersion in a tomographic installation starts layer-by-layer screening of the studied area of the body. Painted in red and yellow areas on the images indicate the presence of inflammatory lesions or cancer processes. "Cold" zones with no signs of metabolism talking about blood circulation or necrotic areas.

Despite the use of ionizing field during a computer test and a small amount of radioactive particles injected into the bloodstream, do not be afraid of exceeding the radiation dose during the procedure. The radiation effect is reduced so that it is not able to harm the cells of the body. Diagnostic get the most informative results, giving a complete picture about existing diseases.

The entry for PET-CT with methionine in Moscow

The research methodology used relatively recently, so not all municipal and even private schools had to adjust to working with the positron emission. In the capital, in the direction indicated are receiving only five clinics full information about which is contained on the uniform writing services Moscow Go to the service, explore the data of medical institutions, compare prices, ratings, address locations, and sign up for the procedure. Booking sessions through the website will allow you to take advantage of a special discount from the service to the selected type of scan. Phone to record and advice is on every page of the resource.


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