Windows from the manufacturer: high-quality manufacturing, professional installation

Sixty million four hundred eighty nine thousand three hundred eighty five

Already a familiar element of the interiors of living rooms and offices steel and plastic Windows. Due to its practicality and durability these designs actively replaced the old woodwork. Also allowed in many different styles to decorate the window openings city apartments, penthouses, mansions. Customers who choose Windows from the manufacturer, receive not only quality products but also professional installation. Moreover, designs can be:
  • with different number of mobile and blind slats;
  • standard sizes or panoramic type;
  • any geometrical shape.

As for the glass, there are also no limitations. Transparent, with energy saving, tinted or colored glass will be installed by the craftsmen of "Your Windows" at the request of the client.


Profile system and double glazing: design features evrokompani requirement to new acts a good heat and sound insulation. For this master will help you correctly to choose the profile and filling it to the glass. Well established profile system German brands Rehau, Aluplast. The first feature a stylish design and the ability to retain heat in the premises. The second is also protected from hacking, but by design approach for furnishing city apartments or country cottages.

Budget, but no less practical option of window profiles will become the products under the brand of WDS. Frames Ukrainian production is fully adapted to the local climate, are inexpensive and can withstand heavy-duty loads.

The frame itself is made of hollow PVC profile, inside which are provided ribs – durable steel plate. The frame is filled with glazing of the following types:
  • one camera has 2 glass, between which there is necessarily space – camera;
  • the Windows are double – glued 3 glass; these structures have three chambers between the panes;
  • with energy – saving glass is installed from the room side, and provides the active reflection of heat energy into the room.

Along with high quality supplies it is important to carry out the Assembly of structures. This task is best left to professionals.


Safeguards and serviceclient who bought the fabrication and installation of window designs from "Your Window", receive a free 5-year servicing of the systems. New frame and glass not only protect against cold and noise, but also are fire-resistant, durable. They can be used about 50 years under proper use. For this you only need to make timely revision, change the worn-out seals, carefully use the hardware.



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