ERSTVAK is the production of reliable equipment for various industries

Seventy three million seven hundred eighty eight thousand six hundred two

Any production requires high quality technical support, which will enable the company to establish effective operation and significantly improve its performance in the market. ERSTEVAK is a specialized company engaged in the supply of vacuum, semiconductor and thermal products for various enterprises and high-tech industries or research laboratories. Extensive experience the firm has allowed it to consolidate its position in the market and attract potential customers from absolutely any region, creating optimal conditions for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Features are presented productives range of the company consists of a fairly complex and reliable equipment. The firm has also represented himself in international and local exhibitions, thereby demonstrating their readiness and determination for a good result. The company strategy is fairly simple. She has been producing a competing product, which is distinguished by its decent quality and original visual characteristics. Thus. manages most effectively to cover the needs of many areas of the business and meet the needs of different groups of customers.

At the same time, our specialists are ready to find the optimal solution in a wide range of services. They will be able to provide you with the serial equipment. Perform maintenance and installation of equipment. All vehicles are also subject to the warranty period of 1 year. Package also included technical documentation in the Russian language. Of course, the company is ready to offer all necessary certificates of quality and even service after warranty repair. directory you can find information about vacuum equipment for any sphere of activity, as well as other related documentation.

The main advantages of the finished product:
  • a wide range of access of the goods;
  • high quality devices, confirm the presence of a large number of positive responses of clients;
  • on all equipment covered by the official warranty;
  • full cycle of production, and only competent engineers with narrow-profile equipment, which solve complicated tasks as they arrive;
  • thorough quality control of all products;
  • the implementation of complex tasks to meet any needs.

How can I order online?You will be able to choose affordable products with a friendly directory online. For this you only need to determine the available range or to request a consultation Manager on any technical questions. One more thing — you can easily buy sophisticated equipment without additional charges and other overpayments.


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