Mirror "the Play Fortuna" - what they represent, and what is needed?

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The number of virtual casinos is constantly growing. However, to find a website where you can fun and excitement to spend your free time, it is often difficult. Why? The fact that the Russian service providers enter the official web address of the gaming rooms in a black list, blocking access to them. To solve the problem allows, for example, "Play Fortuna". By clicking on the link https://playfortuna-online.xyz/skachat/ you can play slots, table and card games without delay.

Ways to bypass the lock – what to choose?
There are several correct ways of how to bypass the lock and to play your favourite virtual casino. The most relevant options:
  • The use of a special software client;
  • Download plug-ins to further integrate the system of the browser;
  • The use of so-called mirrors.

The latter is a great success, so consider it in more detail.

What is a mirror and whether or not to use it?

In the case of online casinos under the mirror is taken to imply additional workable web link, which is unlocked by the controllers. Each gambling club tunes links at their discretion so they can look different. Just say that providers from time to time and block these links.

However, finding working and up to date versions of the mirrors is quite simple. You can go to the website "Play Fortuna": working links here in a separate subsection and updated regularly.
Please note: mirrors are exact copies of the official websites of gaming clubs that all the consequences:
  • You will be able to withdraw the winnings from the system and Deposit all the methods that are mentioned on the official website of the casino;
  • The design will be familiar;
  • You will have free access to Personal account – to log in you will need to use the usual couple of login and password

If to say briefly, all that will change is the address of the Internet resource in the browser.

How to know the appearance of actual mirrors?
Major casinos care about their customers, and therefore do everything in order to promptly notify them about the new mirrors. Various methods are used:
  • Create topics on the forums;
  • Notification through the official group of casinos in the various social networks;
  • Newsletters by e-mail to which you must subscribe.

If you have access to information about the working mirrors your favorite casino, access to them will not arise. The easiest solution is to subscribe to the e-mail. In this case, the owners of the club will report on how it is possible to visit the gambling establishment at any time of the day.


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